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Account information.

Plans offers several plans to select from in order to better meet the individual needs of different development teams. Please go to our pricing page to see various plan options. You will also find a detailed FAQ on pricing on that page.


We offer a two-week fully-functioning Pro plan for free as a trial to help evaluate the platform. Once the two-week trial expires, please consider subscribing to one of our plans.

Changing Plans

To change your plan go to Account > Plan and click the Change plan button.


Invited Team Members

If you have been invited to a team you’ll have to leave it before you can change your plan, but, you will also have to leave all your resources (apps, databases, scripts, etc) to the team.

Upon clicking Subscribe or Change plan, you can choose the plan you want and confirm your selection. If you have a promo code, you can type it into the Promo code field, and click Apply code.

When you upgrade your plan you will get additional resources such as more apps, more developer seats, and more API calls.

When you downgrade your plan, the least recent apps/pages you edited will become disabled (you won't be able to edit them). If you’re not planning on going back to your previously subscribed plan, the disabled apps can be deleted by clicking Delete.

Cancelling Plan

If you decide to stop future payments or cancel your current subscription, you can do this by going to: Account > Plan and clicking Change plan and then Cancel current plan. First, the survey window opens (it can be skipped), and then you’ll be redirected to the Cancel plan window, where you’ll have to select between two options:

  • Cancel immediately
  • Cancel at end of period

By clicking Cancel at end of period you’ll cancel your current subscription, but until the pending cancellation date, you can revert the changes by restarting your subscription. The plan that has already been paid for will be active until the end of the paid period.


Important Note

Please note that if you choose to take a survey before canceling your subscription, you will need to click Skip on the last survey stage to continue canceling your plan and get to the final step where the Cancel plan window becomes available.
Otherwise, the operation will not be finished and your plan will NOT be canceled.


After your trial period expires (or a paid plan is canceled for lack of payment), your account will still remain active, but all the functionality (Apps, Databases, Server Code, API Express, etc.) will be disabled for editing with the exception of the Account page. Other pages (Apps, Databases, Server Code, Secure Proxy, API Express, Resources) can be viewed in read-only mode.

To regain access to your resources, sign in any time and purchase a paid plan (or renew your suspended plan payment).


Expiring Accounts

The users whose plan is about to expire will be notified by email beforehand.

Deleting Account

If you want to delete your account, switch to the Account > Profile tab and click Delete Account. Type DELETE in the newly-appeared window and click Delete to confirm your choice.
All your assets will be deleted.


This operation cannot be undone!


To learn how to work in teams, please go to Teams, Sharing and Permissions.

Support Packs offers personalized professional assistance within theAdvisory or Flex Packs (depending on the app requirements):

  • Flex - 40 hours for $4,000, which you can use within 3 months.
  • Advisory - 5 hours for $600, which you can use within 3 months.

To get the help needed, please consider purchasing our Advisory Pack or Flex Pack service: depending on the application and your needs. Both options are flexible enough to be tailored to the particular customer's needs and all the requirements are discussed independently to address the needed issues. The main difference is in the number of hours to be spent and the price.
Advisory Pack, for example, would be ideal for making research into the needed issue or fixing some bugs in a project or adding some minor functionality.
Flex Pack is alike but offers more hours so that more work can be done towards the customer project.
We also offer the option of Custom Development Project, a more ongoing pack if compared to the AP/FP covering many areas and aimed at assisting in the full life cycle of app development.

Personal Account Information

To view or change your profile information go to Account > Profile.


Account View Layout

The account view layout will be different to those with paid plans. Those with a plan can initiate building a team to share their resources/items and, therefore, have access to Plan, Profile, Team, Support Packs, Billing, Invoices,, and Social Sign In tabs.

You can change your personal information and password:

  • Under Profile, there is also an option of joining expert developer directory by checking the corresponding box.
  • Under the Support Packs tab, Admins can choose between a Flex Pack or Advisory Pack and purchase it.
  • The Billing tab shows all personal data and billing information provided by a user. It is also possible to make any changes needed.

Social Sign In also provides the possibility to sign up/log in using your Facebook, Google+, Twitter (login only), LinkedIn, GitHub, or Microsoft (external IDPs) accounts. A user can link his account with a list of external IDPs regardless of the emails used for those accounts.

When a user signs up with a social network provider for the first time, will get the user’s name (first, last) and email from the provider.

To sign in with a social media account, you have to:

  1. Go to the sign-up page, click the desired platform logo, the authorizing window will be opened.
  2. Enter the correct credentials for that social media account to confirm. A pop-up window will appear and enter the required information.
  3. After clicking Continue, the Plan view in your newly registered Account tab opens.
  4. Now switch to the Social Sign In tab on the left-hand side. You should see the platform that you signed up with, and they should be connected.



Don’t provide the user’s first and last names, will collect this data after the user agrees that the data can be used.


Setting a password

It’s advisable, that after registering your account with any of the social network providers you switch to the Profile tab and set the password. This will allow you to sign in with your email address and password as well.

Billing and Payments

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. For the annual Team plan or Enterprise plan, we can accept a purchase order or check. Contact [email protected] for more information.


If you purchase an plan you will receive your invoice via email. They can also be found online under your Account > Invoices tab. If you are a monthly subscriber you will receive an invoice every month, if you are an annual subscriber you will receive your invoice with the option of every year renewal.

Once you have received your invoice you have up to 30 days to pay. If you do not pay, your subscription will be cut short.

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Account information.

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