Administer your app like a pro, anytime, anywhere!

📱 Unlock the power of mobile administration! Learn how to customize your Menu app directly from your device with our latest tutorial. Say goodbye to logging into the backend - it's all about convenience and control at your fingertips! Watch now and transform your app management experience!

Meet our Menu Template! has just released the Menu app template that democratizes app development for restaurant owners by simplifying language options, menu organization and customization, and more. Check the template page here for more details.

You've Got the Starter App Template Now —that's Half the Battle

Creating your mobile app has never been so easy. Now, you can use our new Starter App template packed with many useful options like authentication, comprehensive user settings, personalized profiles, multi-language support, dark mode, secure messaging for verification, and more to get a working app with modern UI in minutes.

Unleash Your Creativity: Discover the Exciting New Features in's Latest Release!

Hey there, user! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest release, packed with exciting new features that will enhance your experience with our App Builder.

Streamline Your Security Measures with's Latest Template: Create Your Own Facial Recognition App in Minutes!

With this ready-to-go template, creating a camera-based facial identification application has never been easier. It's perfect for situations where facial identification is required, like tracking employees or students to verify that they're where they're supposed to be. Plus, it simplifies detecting unauthorized access to sensitive areas and/or your office security perimeter while collecting data for marketing, sales, and targeting ads to customers in real time.

Maximize Your App Building Success with the Updated Education Guide

Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer to the world of app building, our Education Guide is the perfect resource for honing your skills and unleashing your creativity. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the updated Education Guide and start building your next big app today!

Grab Our Restaurant Template to Create Your Great Mobile App

We, at, appreciate good cuisine so we set our minds on creating a simple Restaurant App template that can be of help to those small businesses who struggle to create their own restaurant management app.

Happy to present another Template: Offline Map App

We are happy to present another new template, Offline Map App, that is designed to help with creating a mobile app that will allow downloading maps with further using them offline:

New Plug-in is added: Autoupdate

You can now add the Autoupdate plug-in to your apps.
This plug-in is created to provide your users with more flexibility in applying app updates to their clients.

Create your own StripeShop app using our new template, StripeShop App!

We have just released our new template, StripeShop App, that can be used for creating Stripe-based mobile apps.
Now, you can create your own StripeShop app in no time at all and then customize it without writing any line of code.