Release Notes - January 29 Platform Update

What's New

High level overview of what’s new in this release is here.

iOS 10

There is now official iOS10 support. This also means any bugs we had before should now be fixed.

Apache Cordova

There is a new Apache Cordova version. We now have the following versions:

  • Cordova for Android 5.2.2
  • Cordova for iOS 4.3.0

New Cordova version will be automatically included in every new app created on the platform. There is also a new Library version for this Cordova update:

  • jQuery Mobile Library version 4.0
  • AngularJS (Ionic/Bootstrap) Library version 1.2

Updating Your App

If you want to update an existing app (created before this update) to use the new Cordova version, you will need to update the Library version for the app. Please read this blog post about it. It’s very important you test your app before publishing it.

Please read about the new Cordova library version, what has changed and how to update your app. Tester App

The Tester App for Android has been updated and now has the new Cordova library.

We didn’t get the Tester App iOS approved in time. We expect the Tester to be approved Wednesday or Thursday this week. The current Tester app will continue to work. If your app uses the new Cordova library (either you created a new app or updating an existing app), please read this blog post. Note that the Google Analytics plug-in won’t work and some Device plug-in APIs won’t work.

Google Analytics Plug-in

The new Cordova version doesn’t work with the old Google Analytics plug-in that we bundled. This means you will need to switch to the new plug-in now called Google Universal Analytics Plugin.

Push Notifications

To add Push Notifications capability to an app, the Push Notification plug-in has to be enabled in Project > App settings > Cordova plug-ins and check Cordova Notification Plugin (version 1.3.0).

Important Bugs Fixed

The following is a short list of bugs fixed:

  • Everything related to iOS 10 support.
  • Google Maps API not being saved after closing the App Builder.
  • Renaming file in Media Manager leaves the original file in sources.
  • $ symbol not supported in URL template (API Express).
  • Error importing API Express project.