Happy to present another Template: Offline Map App

We are happy to present another new template, Offline Map App, that is designed to help with creating a mobile app that will allow downloading maps with further using them offline:

New Plug-in is added: Autoupdate

You can now add the Autoupdate plug-in to your Appery.io apps.
This plug-in is created to provide your users with more flexibility in applying app updates to their clients.

Create your own StripeShop app using our new template, StripeShop App!

We have just released our new template, StripeShop App, that can be used for creating Stripe-based mobile apps.
Now, you can create your own StripeShop app in no time at all and then customize it without writing any line of code.

Try our ChatGPT Template to build your own chatbot app

Considering creating your own ChatGPT application but not skilled at writing code? Then try our ChatGPT template - it is extremely easy to create and very simple to use:

Great Tool to Manage Your Device Files: File System Plug-in from Appery.io

Take a moment to check out our File System plug-in that contains a number of services based on the file API and provides the simplest way to work with the device’s file system.
We have a step-by-step tutorial to make getting to know the plug-in more engaging. Please feel free to check it out here.

Add Internationalization to Your Appery.io Apps!

Considering how you can quickly make your mobile app support different languages? Or need to make your online store app easily adapted to specific local languages? We have the solution that can help: apply the Internationalization feature to your Appery.io project(s).

Need a Hand with our Tester App? Just See How Easy Testing Ionic 5 App with Integrated Cloud DB is!

Quite recently, we've presented a great new option to easily test apps created with the Appery.io platform. Called Tester App, it’s a magnificent feature for Appery.io users, and we hope that many users have already had a chance to try it out. But for those who are still unaware of it, we would like you to check out this blog post to give you a hand and demonstrate how easy and quick mobile app testing can be.

Have Appery-related questions? Ask them on Stackoverflow!

Since recently, our customers have started complaining about issues with registration/login into our forum. Therefore, we have decided to introduce yet another open channel where you are free to ask any Appery.io-related question(s) you might have: Stackoverflow.

Hot! Our "Ionic 5 Custom UI Components App Template" is on!

If you are new to Appery.io and want to build your first app with Ionic 5, we highly recommend that you start with our ready-to-go Ionic 5 Custom UI Components App Template where you can find all Ionic 5 UI components currently presented by Appery.io.
With this template, you will be able to review them in detail and try customizing them according to your needs.
Bonus: you can also watch our YouTube video to learn how to work with this app.