Release Notes - September platform update news.

With September release we have introduced Ionic 3 App builder in and updated our infrastructure build servers for supporting Xcode 9.4.1 binary IPA files.

Release Notes - May platform update news.

With this release all jQuery Mobile apps supports Apple iPhone X out of the box.
We have also updated our Social Login API - details are here.
And reference documentation as well - here.

Release Notes - April 1st Platform Update

Our April 2018 platform update primarily includes the features that our users asked to be added for a long time and of cause bug fixes.

Upcoming Database Upgrade: What You Need to Know

We will be upgrading the database engine behind our cloud database to a new version. Our database is MongoDB with MMAPv1 storage engine and we will be upgrading it to WiredTiger storage engine. The update will happen on February 27, 2017.

Changes to Tester App for iOS

Our Tester for iOS has been updated and now includes the new Cordova version.

Release Notes - January 29 Platform Update

What's New Now Has Support for IPv6 Protocol

Read more here.

Upcoming Platform Maintenance on January 29

Please note that the App Builder (development time) will not be available Saturday, January 28 11:00PM Pacific Time - Sunday, January 29, 9:30AM Pacific Time.

New Platform Status Page

We are happy to announce the launching of a new platform status page: Read more about the new status page here. We have added a link to the status page on the left-hand side menu (in General section).

Upcoming App Builder Maintenance on November 27

Please note that the App Builder (development time) will not be available Saturday, November 26, 11:00PM Pacific Time - Sunday, November 27, 9:30AM Pacific Time.