Using Apache Cordova in an Ionic App

Using Apache Cordova in an Ionic app.


Important Note!

Note that the option of creating new apps with the Ionic and Bootstrap frameworks was removed but we still support the projects that were created with them earlier.

There are a number of ways to use a Cordova API in an Ionic app:

  1. Using a pre-built service.
  2. Using Cordova JavaScript API.

Using a Pre-built Service

A number of the most popular Cordova APIs are wrapped as an service. You can learn how to use these APIs from the following short tutorials:

Using Cordova JavaScript API

Any installed Cordova plugin can also be used via its JavaScript API. For example, using the Notification API:


You can use the Cordova API anywhere you can write custom JavaScript code.


Using Cordova JavaScript API

You can still use directly the Cordova JavaScript for these or any other plugins.