call, params, body, bodyMimeType)

Invokes another script.


call has the following parameters:

scriptIDID of the script to invoke. Script alias can be specified instead of ID.
paramsParameters to pass to the script. In JSON format.
bodyBody content to pass to the script.
bodyMimeTypeContent type of the body parameter.

This example shows calling a script from another script.

var greeting = request.get("greeting");
var person   = request.get("person");
var hello = greeting + ", " + person;

// request.body is read and passed back to the calling script.
Apperyio.response.success({"msg":greeting, "info":request.body()}, "application/json");
// Invoke Script #1
var result ="55d4c897-4cea-57ab-800b-473f74e5885a", {"greeting":"Hello", "person":"Jenny"}, "A greeting script - nice.", "plain/text");

Apperyio.response.success(result.body, "application/json");
	"msg": "Hello",
	"info": "A greeting script - nice."