Objects that contain text messages and badges.

  • actionButtons (Android) – a list of objects that represent buttons that will be shown a notification:
    • buttonTitle – button text;
    • buttonIcon – the image will be shown on the left side of text;
    • buttonCallback – the global function of the app. Push objects will be send as an argument.
  • badge (iOS) – the number shown with the app icon in iOS, if empty the badge will not be changed on the device.
  • color (Android) – the background color of a notification icon is supported on Android 5.0 and greater. Examples of values: red, #001100, #AA00AA.
  • contentAvailable (iOS) – if the value is 1, than app will be awakened.
  • customData – custom data that will be sent to the device.
  • icon (Android) – the main icon of the notification (it will be small, if payload.image is also added). The Image should be put into the ANDROID/project_name/res/drawable/icon_name.png location and the payload.icon should NOT have an extension.
  • image (Android) – Is shown as a large icon for Android notifications. This should be added to ANDROID/project_name/res/drawable/icon_name.png location and the payload.image should NOT have an extension. Also, the payload.image can have a link to external resource.
  • launchImage – is used as the launch image upon tapping the action button or moving the action slider.
  • message – message text.
  • sound – the sound file name is to only play when a push arrives, an empty string is to be set for no sound; if not specified, the default sound is played. For iOS, sound file should be added to www/soundFileName.wav location and payload.sound should have extension. For Android, sound file should be put to res/raw/soundFileName.wav location and the payload.sound should have an extension.
  • title – title of push notification.

{"message":"Hello!", "badge":"1"}