Get Device Information

Getting device information.

To get device information from the Devices collection in the database, send a GET request with device ID to the following endpoint:<deviceId>

This service can be used for retrieving information about the device stored in the Devices collection. The response of this service is JSON, which contains all predefined and user-defined fields of the Devices collection. This service can be handy when you need to get the deviceID, check its timeZone, or for any other operation involving device info.

The deviceID can be found in the predefined Devices collection of the Database.



In the Devices collection of the Database, the deviceID field contains a semicolon. (For libraries 3.0 (JQM) and higher the semicolon is not used.) Replace it with %3B to properly send the request, as shown here:

356062053530044;9ec5fd0c3ade6681 = 356062053530044%3B9ec5fd0c3ade6681

The URL with the device ID at the end looks like:


The endpoint supports the following parameters:

deviceIdUnique device identifier. Required.
X-Appery-App-IdUnique identifier of the application. Required.

Error responses

The endpoint might respond with the following error messages:

HTTP StatusCodeDescription
400PNDG002The application ID isn’t specified
404PNDG006Device ID: not found
400PNDG006Project GUID: not found
400PNDG960Specified brand is not valid

This examples shows getting information about a specific device registration.

curl -X GET 
-H "Content-Type: application/json" 
-H "X-Appery-App-Id: e51f973c-aad9-4102-9f39-349c25264277"