Returns value of a specified storage variable.

Parameters summary

The method has the following parameter(s):

pathJavaScript expression to return specific object field.No.

Let's say storage variable Product holds the following data:

{"partNumber": 1000, "name": "Smartphone"}
The following will return the entire expression stored in the variable (click on Result tab):;
{"partNumber": 1000, "name": "Smartphone"}
The following will return the specified field. This examples uses a Mapping Expression."$['name']");
If you have a more complex structure such as shown below:
{"ProductList":[{"partNumber": 1000, "name": "Smartphone"},{"partNumber": 2000, "name": "Tablet"}]}
You can run a query that looks like this:"$['products'][1]");
{partNumber: 2000, name: "Tablet"}
You can also get a specific field from a selected object:"$['products'][1]['partNumber']");
Use the following code to obtain a model name from a storage variable:
var type =;