Update Device

To update the device, send a PUT request to the associated URL with the device ID at the end:


The update device service is for updating information about any device stored in the Devices collection. This service can be used for updating any collection field. For example, it can be timeZone, channels or category (which is a user-defined field).


The endpoint has the following parameters

typeApplication platform type (A – Android, I – iOS). Required.
tokenUnique app instance identifier. Required.
deviceIdUnique device identifier. Required.
X-Appery-App-IdUnique identifier of Appery.io application. Required.
custom_param_nameName of custom field in _devices table.
custom_param_valueValue of custom_param_name field.
channelsList of channelId channel identifiers.

Error responses

The endpoint might respond with the following error messages:

HTTP StatusCodeDescription
400PNDU002App ID not specified
404PNDU006Device ID: not found
404PNDU015Project GUID: not found
400PNDU960Specified brand is not valid


The following example shows how to update channels column of the specific device. The channels column of the predefined Devices collection has an array type. Any new value for this column must be also sent as an array. Any other parameter can be updated the same way.

The X-Appery-App-Id header is a necessary parameter for this request. Other fields are optional. You can specify any field that exists in the Devices collection.

curl -X PUT 
-H "Content-Type: application/json" 
-H "X-Appery-App-Id: e51f973c-aad9-4102-9f39-349c25264277" 
-d '{