Ionic 4: Plug-ins Categories

This section introduces the public plug-ins sorted by categories that are currently available for Ionic 4 frameworks

👍 Plug-ins for Ionic 5

We strongly recommend that you check our list of plug-ins that can be used for creating apps with Ionic 5 here!
Please note that currently, most plug-ins are still offered for Ionic 4 only but we are actively working on migrating our platform from Ionic 4 to Ionic 5 and in Q2 2021, the option of upgrading Ionic 4 projects to the Ionic 5 version with keeping both apps active will be offered.


Working with Plug-ins

For detailed instructions on how to add and define plug-ins, check this document.


The team regularly releases new public plug-ins. To review the available plug-ins categories from, in the Project view, click CREATE NEW > From Plugin and select the Category tab:



You can also start typing the needed plug-in name to quickly locate it on the list.

Plug-ins Categories

This section provides an overview of all current plug-ins that are grouped by the following Categories:

To learn more, select the category you are interested in.


Go to this page to view the full list of all available plug-ins for Ionic 5.

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