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Information on user accounts, plans, support packs, billing, and payments.

Plans offers several adjustable plans to select from in order to better meet the individual needs of different development teams or individual developers.
Please go to our pricing page to see various plan options. You can also see our FAQ section with answers to some popular payments related questions.


After you sign up, you will be able to enjoy a two-week fully-functioning Pro plan for free as a trial to help evaluate the platform. You will be assigned the default Admin role and will have access to the following tabs:

Here, you can modify your plan/profile, manage your team, check your invoices and/or work log(s). Also, the options of selecting the preferred social network if you would like to to set up the Social Sign In feature will be available.



Once the two-week trial expires, please consider subscribing to one of our current plans.

Setting up Paid Plan

Once your trial period expires or a paid account is canceled due to a missed payment, you will be asked to subscribe to one of our current plans or change your current plan (Pro is default for trial users). Upon clicking Subscribe or change your plan you can choose to review and/or customize the plan you want.

To set up your plan:

  1. Go to Account > Plan and click Change plan.
  2. Select the plan you like: Beginners, Pro, Team, or Ultimate.
  3. Define the number of user seats if you are interested in building a team by entering the needed number or by using a slider to adjust it. The changes to be made are immediately reflected in the field Total with reflecting the payment details:


Beginners Plan Limitation

Note that the Beginners plan users cannot opt for adding more user seats to their account.

  1. If you need to customize the selected plan, click the Advanced settings link to get access to extra options: adding extra screens for the Beginners plan and adding extra developer seats and/or projects for the Pro, Team, or Ultimate plans.
  1. If you have a promo code, you can type it into the Promo code field and click Apply code.
  2. When done, scroll down to the Billing information and Credit card information sections, fill in the required fields, and click Continue to proceed with payment.


Invited Team Members

If you have been invited to a team, you’ll have to leave it (click Leave team) before you can change your plan, but, you will also have to leave all your resources (apps, databases, scripts, etc) to the team.

Once you are all set with your paid plan and your selected subscription is successfully activated, as a paid user, you will also get access to two additional tabs:

Changing Plan

If you need to change your plan, click the Change pan button to get to the Plan and options page where a new plan can be selected and modified as described above:



The users with roles other than Admin can change their plan only after they leave their team.

When you upgrade your plan you will get additional resources such as more apps, more developer seats, and more API calls.


Upgrading to Ultimate Plan

If you upgrade to our Ultimate plan during an active subscription, the 5 hours of support services will be prorated and adjusted to the unused portion of the billing cycle.

When you downgrade your plan, the least recent apps/pages you edited will become disabled (greyed out) and you won't be able to edit them. If you’re not planning on going back to your previously subscribed plan, the disabled apps can be deleted by clicking Delete.

Cancelling Plan

If you decide to stop future payments or cancel your current subscription, you can do this by going to Account > Plan and clicking Cancel current plan. You’ll be redirected to the Cancel plan window, where you’ll have to select between three options:

  • Close without canceling
  • Cancel immediately
  • Cancel at end of period


Important Note

Please note that the survey window that opens can be skipped and if you choose to take a survey before canceling your subscription, you will need to click Skip on the last survey stage to continue canceling your plan and get to the final step where the Cancel plan window becomes available.
Otherwise, the operation will not be finished and your plan will NOT be canceled.

If you select to cancel immediately, your current subscription will be instantly terminated and all the backend services (Server Code, Database, API Express, Push notifications) will be put on hold; also, if your app is based on our backend services it will stop working.

By clicking Cancel at end of period you’ll cancel your current subscription, but the plan that has already been paid for will stay active and you will have the possibility to revert the changes by restarting your subscription until the pending cancellation date:

Past Due State

If your subscription expires and your card cannot be charged due to some reason, your plan gets the Past Due status:

However, we offer our users a three-day grace period to make the due payment. Also, three "Dunning notice" emails (one a day) are sent to the indicated email address signifying that your card could not be charged.


Important Notice!

Be informed that the billing address can be DIFFERENT from the email address our customers use as their account; therefore, if you are no longer using the mailbox indicated as your billing email address, it`s advisable that you update your account billing information if you need to stay updated.

So, if you face such a situation, please check the indicated email address inbox under the Account > Billing tab and try to figure out why you failed to receive all the dunning notices from sent to you.

Please note that it is our users' responsibility to keep their account information updated as the system sends emails to the indicated addresses automatically.

Most often, the reasons why a paid subscription becomes past due relate to the expired card used or insufficient funds on it.
So, to resolve payment issues, first of all, we recommend that you review your credit card information under Account > Billing > Credit Card Information and, if needed, update your card information.


After your trial period expires (or a paid plan is canceled for lack of payment), your account will still remain active, but all the functionality (Apps, Databases, Server Code, API Express, etc.) will be disabled for editing with the exception of the Account page. Other pages (Apps, Databases, Server Code, Secure Proxy, API Express, Resources) can be viewed in read-only mode.


Information about Suspending Subscription

Unfortunately, we don't have any managed option for suspending user subscriptions. However, if you feel you need to take a break, you may consider exporting backup files of your apps, databases, API Express projects and then re importing them whenever you ready to reactivate your account or just in case of making a local backup.

To regain access to your resources, sign in any time and purchase a paid plan (or renew your suspended plan payment):


Expiring Accounts

Per our terms of use, we may suspend, terminate or delete free accounts that are inactive for a period of two months or more. Our system usually sends emails after 60 days of inactivity (no login, or API calls) to notify of a pending deletion of content to give users a chance to maintain their accounts active. If the account continues inactivity, all resources are deleted and cannot be restored. Paid plans that are canceled or expired due to lack of payment are subject to the same content deletion terms and practice. Please read more in the sections "Can I cancel at any time?" and "What happens to my apps when the trial period expires?" in our FAQ page.
To restore the account with keeping your projects please select one of the paid plans within the indicated period of time.


Important Note

Please make sure that the email address in your Billing information section is valid and in use as all the notifications are automatically sent to this email address unless you personally change it!

Profile (Personal Account Information)

To view or change your profile information, go to Account > Profile where you can:

  • change your personal information and password.
  • join the expert developer directory by checking the corresponding box.
  • delete your account.


To learn how to work in teams, please go to Teams, Sharing and Permissions.

Support Packs

Under the Support Packs tab, Admins can choose to purchase one of our Support service packs depending on the application and your needs.

All options are flexible enough to be tailored to the particular customer's needs and all the requirements are discussed independently to address the needed issues. The main difference is in the number of hours to be spent and the price.
5 hrs Pack, for example, would be ideal for making research into the needed issue or fixing some bugs in a project, or adding some minor functionality.
40 hrs Pack is alike but offers more hours so that more work can be done towards the customer project.
We also offer the option of Custom Development Project, a more ongoing pack covering many areas and aimed at assisting in the full life cycle of app development.


The Billing tab shows all personal data and billing information provided by a user. It is also possible to make any changes needed.


Under the Invoices tab, you can review and download all invoices for your account.

Work log

Under the Work Log tab, you can review the account logs.

Social Sign In also provides the possibility to sign up/log in using your Facebook, Google+, Twitter (login only), LinkedIn, GitHub, or Microsoft (external IDPs) accounts. A user can link his account with a list of external IDPs regardless of the emails used for those accounts.

When a user signs up with a social network provider for the first time, will get the user’s name (first, last) and email from the provider.

To sign in with a social media account, you have to:

  1. Go to the sign-up page, click the desired platform logo, the authorizing window will be opened.
  2. Enter the correct credentials for that social media account to confirm. A pop-up window will appear and enter the required information.
  3. After clicking Continue, the Plan view in your newly registered Account tab opens.
  4. Now switch to the Social Sign In tab on the left-hand side. You should see the platform that you signed up with, and they should be connected.



Don’t provide the user’s first and last names, will collect this data after the user agrees that the data can be used.


Setting a Password

It’s advisable, that after registering your account with any of the social network providers you switch to the Profile tab and set the password. This will allow you to sign in with your email address and password as well.

Billing and Payments

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. For the annual Team plan or Enterprise plan, we can accept a purchase order or check. Contact [email protected] for more information.


If you purchase an plan you will receive your invoice via email. They can also be found online under your Account > Invoices tab.
If you are a monthly subscriber you will receive an invoice every month, if you are an annual subscriber you will receive your invoice with the option of every year renewal.


Important Notice!

Please be aware that if you once provided the email address under your Billing information section all the transaction notifications are sent to this email address unless you personally change it.
So, in order to be contacted in a due manner, our customers have the possibility to edit their credentials under Account > Profile > Email > Change.
Please note that it is our users' responsibility to keep their account information updated as the system sends emails to the indicated addresses automatically.

Once you have received your invoice you have up to 30 days to pay. If you do not pay, your subscription will be cut short.

Deleting Account

If you want to delete your account and all associated user data (apps, databases, etc.), switch to the Account > Profile tab, scroll down, and click Delete Account. Type DELETE in the newly-appeared window and click Delete to confirm your choice.
If you are specifically concerned about deleting all your data related to and belonging to your account and need to make sure no personal data of yours is kept, you can select Restrict Processing Mode option:

Once you select any of two options, all your assets will be deleted.


This operation cannot be undone!

Be informed that after you complete deleting your account, next time, when you try to log in to the platform with the credentials you successfully used before, you will get the following notification: Incorrect email address or password.
When trying to use the Forgot password? feature, the system will return the User not found notification:


Still Have Questions?

You can also check our FAQ page to find answers to the popular questions about accounts, pricing and payments.

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Information on user accounts, plans, support packs, billing, and payments.

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