Sample JQM apps overview.


Important Note!

The option of creating new apps with the jQuery Mobile framework was removed but we still support the projects that were created with it earlier.

Samples are apps with pre-configured backend services that you can quickly add to your Appery.io account to run and test. Sample apps provide app backend services and app UI.


Most Appery.io sample apps can be imported as a plug-in.
You can check this page to learn more about Appery.io plug-ins.


Appery.io Community Channel

You can also check our YouTube Channel Videos where the newest and/or most requested Appery.io plug-ins are presented.

This section also includes mobile apps with examples of working code that you can create from backups and then browse, run, or modify to get an understanding of how everything works.


Try our Ionic Custom UI Components App Template

If you are new to Appery.io and want to build your first app with Ionic, we highly recommend that you start with our ready-to-go Ionic Custom UI Components App Template where you can find all Ionic UI components currently presented by Appery.io.
With this template, you will be able to review them in detail and try customizing them according to your needs.

If you are new to Appery.io Database, start with this simple tutorial.

You might also be interested in checking our Ionic app templates document page.