Push Notifications Overview

The Appery.io Push Notifications feature allows sending push messages to users who have installed your app.

There is a difference when it comes to creating an app with Push Notification services in jQuery Mobile and Ionic apps.


Important Note!

The option of creating new apps with the jQuery Mobile framework was removed but we still support the projects that were created with it earlier.

In a jQuery Mobile app, all Push Notification services are created automatically, while in an Ionic app, importing the Apperyio Push plug-in with the further invoking its PushRegisterDevice service is needed to register a device in Apple/Google push services and add it to the Appery.io Database.


Want to know more?

Please check out this document to learn how to add the predefined Push Notification services your Ionic mobile app.

You are free to check out our quickstart tutorials to learn how to configure and send push messages:


Sending Push Notifications

To send a Push Notifications message, the app must be installed on the device (Cordova/PhoneGap app).

While Push Notification messages be cannot delivered when running the app with the Appery.io Tester app, you are free to use Live Debug builds for testing pushes.

  • Before Push notifications can be sent, the service needs to be enabled in the app and in the backend services (server). Please check this link to find more details.

  • Also, there are many options available for configuring Push Notifications. This page will provide you with how to customize the push messages you want to send to your users.