Using Server Code libraries.

A Server Code library allows you to create a re-usable component (library). A library can be added to one or more scripts.
There are a number of out-of-the-box libraries. These libraries are marked with a small system label:

Server Code LibrariesServer Code Libraries

Server Code Libraries

New library

You can create any number of libraries. You can write your own library or upload an existing library (JavaScript file). To create a new library, click Create library button:

Creating new Server Code LibraryCreating new Server Code Library

Creating new Server Code Library

Library code editor

The library editor works the same way as the script editor. You also get the same keyboard shortcuts.


The library page provides a test function to check the library for any syntax errors. Click the Test button below the editor to run a syntax check.


A library can depend on other libraries. Go to the Dependencies page to set any dependencies.


The following access permissions can be granted:

  • View;
  • Edit;
  • Delete.


In the Settings tab, you can delete a library. You can also clone (copy) a library.

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