Using Server Code libraries.

A Server Code library allows you to create a re-usable component (library). A library can be added to one or more scripts.
There are a number of out-of-the-box libraries. These libraries are marked with a small system label:


Server Code Libraries

New library

You can create any number of libraries. You can write your own library or upload an existing library (JavaScript file). To create a new library, click Create library button:


Creating new Server Code Library

Library code editor

The library editor works the same way as the script editor. You also get the same keyboard shortcuts.


The library page provides a test function to check the library for any syntax errors. Click the Test button below the editor to run a syntax check.


A library can depend on other libraries. Go to the Dependencies page to set any dependencies.


The following access permissions can be granted:

  • View;
  • Edit;
  • Delete.


In the Settings tab, you can delete a library. You can also clone (copy) a library.