Plugins Sample Apps

Sample Ionic apps built with Plugins.

This section includes step-by-step tutorials with examples of working code.
Many of them can be created from backups and then browsed, run, or modified to get an understanding of how everything works.

  • Ionic Barcode Scanner Plugin Sample App
  • Ionic Camera and File Upload Plugins App
  • Ionic Database Login and Signup Plugin App
  • In this sample app, you can check out how the integrated Fingerprint and Face ID biometric authentication works in your mobile app
  • This sample app shows you how to add a social login feature to your application using the Facebook Login plugin
  • In this sample app tutorial, we will show how to integrate Google Analytics into your Ionic app
  • This document describes our sample Restaurant App template that is designed to grow into the perfect app choice for your restaurant business
  • The app that uses Leaflet, an open-source JavaScript library for embedding maps, and the OpenStreetMap service to integrate maps
  • This tutorial demonstrates how to use the SweetAlert2 external module to display modal windows in your Ionic app.