Appery.io Templates Overview


Appery.io Templates are ready-to-go-with and fully functioning apps that are available to all Appery.io users and can be easily customized according to your personal preferences.


Customizing Appery.io Templates will require minimal developing efforts on the user part: you can quickly change the way your own app looks like or modify the app behavior having no specific development skills.

Creating from Template

All templates can be traditionally accessed from the Appery.io platform:

  1. Open the Apps tab.
  2. Click Create new app.
  3. Navigate to the Templates tab.
  4. Select the predefined template you are interested in and hit the Create button:

You will see the message App export has been queued. You will be notified by email when ready. After a while, you can check your inbox for the email with the link to the generated template or simply refresh the page to see the updated Apps list under your Appery.io account: https://appery.io/app/projects.


NEW: One-Click Template Installation!

You can now enjoy the one-click-away option of installing the template apps: go to the template documentation page and simply click the corresponding app link: in a moment, your app is ready to start and there’s no need to go to the Create new app dialog or download the template backup with further installing it.

Click to open the app and, in a moment, the App Builder Start page will open with the Project View section on the left where all the predefined project data can be found.
The app Start page also features the video tutorials with instructions on how to use the templates and suggesting the ways of how they can be modified according to your needs:


Actually, you are inside the ready app and can test it in the browser right away (by clicking the TEST button in the app Toolbar) or go further and check it on your device (by exporting it).


Appery.io Tester App

A great option to quickly test the app on the device is to use our Appery.io Tester app.
The app is free and available for both iOS and Android.
You can check out this page to learn more about using the Appery.io Tester app.

The app can also be published as a mobile web app. Check this link to learn how to do it.


The Appery.io team regularly releases new templates. To review the available templates, from under the Appery.io platform Apps tab, click Create new app and select the Templates > Appery.io Templates tab.

Customizing Templates

Customizing our templates is fun and will not require any special coding experience or solid development knowledge.
Please follow our detailed tutorials and step-by-step instructional videos for more ideas for your personalized applications:

  • CheckList App - use it for creating checklists with reminders and for tracking daily activities
  • Duties App - a simple yet efficient duties management app so that all your daily routine tasks can be easily arranged for.
  • Meditation and Sleep App will help in practicing self-guided meditations or relaxation techniques
  • Online Store App - template to build your own online store app integrated with Shopify
  • Quiz App can be used to build professional-looking quizzes that can be taken on any device.


Please follow our step-by-step instructional videos and detailed tutorials for more ideas for your personalized applications.