Ionic Programming Plug-ins

PWA Check and Update

PWA Check and Update

If you are interested in how you can add the functionality allowing you to check and forcibly update your PWA applications, this instructional video where we explain how to do it is for you:



If you would like to allow your app users to evaluate products and services and upvote or downvote app content, consider adding the Rating plug-in to your app. Please watch this video to find more details:

Searchable Select


If you would like to add the capability to search by predefined options with further selecting the needed one(s), click CREATE NEW > From Plugin and select the Searchable Select plug-in located in the Programming section to integrate it into your project:


This plug-in comes with the predefined SearchableSelectScreen with the integrated SearchableSelect custom component:


As soon as the plug-in is imported, go to the Routing tab and select the SearchableSelectScreen page for Default routing:


That's it! Now, you can test how it works: