What is Appery.io?

Appery.io platform overview.


Appery.io is a cloud platform that makes it fast and simple to build hybrid and mobile web apps that are connected to APIs.


You can build hybrid mobile web apps for iOS and Android, which run directly in the browser via our visual App Builder.
Also, all project types in Appery.io support Progressive Web App (PWA) publishing.

API Backend and Integrations

Every app talks to a server or backed and Appery.io provides a complete backend for your app:

  • Databases - for storing app data;
  • Server Code - for writing app logic on the server using JavaScript;
  • Secure Proxy - for creating a service used for securing sensitive data such as an API key by keeping it only in the database and not in a mobile application;
  • API Express - for exposing enterprise data sources such as an SQL database or SOAP service via REST APIs. Also, build advanced services with a visual service editor;
  • Push Notifications - for sending Push Notifications to your users.

Platform Overview

New to Appery.io? Check this page to read about the Appery.io platform dashboard tabs and their main options or watch the below video to learn about platform features and benefits.


After you sign into the Appery.io platform, you will see the following seven main pages (tabs):

The following sections will give you an overview of each component, then you can jump in and learn more about each component in detail.
We also have the document with more details about the Appery.io platform dashboard tabs and their main options here.


The Apps tab is where you create your app(s) (client), and where you will see a list of all your apps. The app is what gets published to an app store, and is built inside the visual App Builder. When you create a new app or edit an existing app you will launch the App Builder to work on the app.

Today the Appery.io Visual App Builder supports creating apps with the following UI technologies (click on each technology to go to the page to learn how to use the App Builder. Each section has sub-sections with tutorials and more information):

In addition to the components framework above, every app also comes with already installed Apache Cordova. This means you can build a hybrid app for iOS and Android, and also invoke any Cordova native APIs such as the camera or contacts.

You can also export the app as a mobile web app, which is accessed via a browser URL.

The app technology stack is:

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS (+ any 3rd party libraries);
  • UI framework (Ionic+AngularJS, jQuery Mobile, or Bootstrap+AngularJS);
  • Apache Cordova.

You can also send Push Notifications to your users as well as targeted Push Notifications.


The Appery.io platform provides a cloud database to store any app data. The database is a NoSQL database in the cloud; you connect to the database from the app via a simple REST API. You can use the database created under the Databases tab to store anything your app requires, for example:

  • Users;
  • Customers;
  • Orders;
  • Locations;
  • Inventory;
  • Binary data (images);
  • And anything else...

To learn more about the Appery.io database and how to connect and use it in the app, click on the link.

Server Code

Server Code allows you to write a custom app code using JavaScript that will run (execute) on the Appery.io server. You write this logic inside a Server Code script. A script can be easily tested right inside the Server Code dashboard.

Server Code allows you to write any app logic. For example, in the script you can:

  • Perform calculations;
  • Connect to the Appery.io Database to retrieve, update, or create data;
  • Send Push Notification messages;
  • Invoke any 3rd party REST API;
  • And anything else you might need...

A script can be scheduled to run periodically, this is called a Job. For example, you can schedule a script to run every 24 hours to check the database for inventory levels.

Learn more about Server Code here.

Secure Proxy

Appery.io Secure Proxy is a service that can be used for testing in desktop browsers to avoid cross-domain security problems. When using the proxy, the request is first sent to the proxy server, and then from the server, the request is made to the service. Because the request is sent from the server and not from the page, cross-domain security is not triggered.

API Express

With API Express, you can connect to external data sources and expose them via REST APIs to be used in an app. The API Express dashboard also provides a visual service editor, which allows building advanced services with various enterprise data sources.

With API Express, you can quickly connect to an SQL database and expose it via REST APIs.

For more advanced services, the API Express visual service builder allows you to create an advanced service flow. The visual service builder provides the following components:

The visual service builder has the following components to build service logic:

  • CONDITION component – for adding the if-else-like condition;
  • FORK component – for creating two or more execution forks;
  • MAPPING component – for mapping data from one component to another;
  • SCRIPT component – for adding custom logic using JavaScript;
  • EMAIL component – for sending an email via API Express without using 3rd party services;
  • REST component – for connecting to any external REST API;
  • SOAP component – for connecting to an existing WSDL service;
  • LDAP component – for invoking LDAP API;
  • SERVER CODE component – for invoking an Appery.io Server Code script;
  • ETHEREUM component – for working with the Ethereum platform without using 3rd party services;
  • SQL component – for executing any SQL statement;
  • SP component – for executing Stored Procedures for your database application.

API Express also makes it easy to build offline apps.
With AppClient from Appery.io, ​you can disconnect from the internet and continue using the app. When the app gets reconnected, all the changes will be automatically synced.


In the Resources tab, you will find the following resources for your development:

  • Certificates - for publishing the app to an app store;
  • Webhooks - for integration with 3rd party systems;
  • Cordova plugins - out-of-the-box and custom Apache Cordova plug-ins;


The Account tab is where you can:

  • Edit your profile information;
  • Edit your subscription;
  • Edit your billing information;
  • Build a team to work on the app together;
  • View invoices;
  • Purchase paid support packs;
  • Setup login into the Appery.io platform with a social network.

To learn more about the Appery.io Account and how to manage it, click on the link.

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