Ionic 5 Security Plug-ins

Login with Apple

Login with Apple

Adding the Login with Apple plug-in to your app will allow your users to log in using their Apple ID.
If interested, please check out our instructional video that demonstrates how to add Apple ID login functionality to applications:

Redirect from Http to Https

Redirect from Http to Https

If you need to add the feature of automatic forwarding from HTTP to HTTPS protocol to your app published with, you might be interested in the following video where we demonstrate how to do it by adding our predefined Redirect from Http to Https plug-in:

Secure Storage

Sweet Alert

This plug-in allows your application to securely store secrets such as usernames, passwords, tokens, certificates or other sensitive information (strings) on mobile phone. The plug-in will only work correctly if the user has sufficiently secure settings on the lock screen.


Adding Security to Your Database

You can also check this link for information about how you can additionally secure your database.

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