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Frequently asked questions.

Pricing FAQ

Pricing FAQ can be found here (below the pricing table).

What is is a cloud-based platform that provides UI development tools and integrated backend services. Check out What is for more information.

Do I need to download anything?

No, the platform is cloud-based. There is nothing to download, install, or configure.

What’s the technology stack behind

It’s very simple. The resulting app is built with jQuery Mobile/Bootstrap/Ionic, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and PhoneGap (if exporting as hybrid or using native device features). Please also see What is an app? Pretty standard stuff.

Do I need to know how to code?

To build the app UI using just the visual builder, you don’t necessarily need to have coding experience. If you want to add API services to your app, customize the app with JavaScript, and customize the look and feel with CSS, you need to have good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, ​and CSS. It is also beneficial if you know how to debug your app.

Is the app running on

Not really. The app part (UI), if you build a mobile web app, runs in the browser. If you build a native (hybrid) app, the app goes to the app store and is then installed on the device. If you use backend services, then the app is talking to our API backend or any other API backend you decide to use.

What kind of apps can you build with uses HTML/JS/CSS and PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) to create the app. If the app you are trying to build can be created using these technologies, then you can also build this app in Keep in mind that provides cloud-based tooling to create the app, you, as a developer can build anything you want (supported by the technologies listed above and the browser/WebView). You can code any app logic you want. Here is a good post on what kind of apps you can build with What kind of apps you can build with Here is another good post on this topic: Can I Build [insert type] App With

Does your platform support ABC or can I do XYX with it?

The simple answer is yes. The app that you are building is a mobile web app or hybrid app and it’s going to run inside a browser or inside a WebView. You can always write JavaScript, add any 3rd party JavaScript libraries, manipulate the DOM, etc., and add any custom functionality.

Can I connect my app to <insert_service_name> API?

Yes. When building an app in, you can connect to any API that’s available on the Internet. The steps are the same no matter what API you want to use. Please read Using APIs in an App.

Which UI Framework Should I Use?

jQuery Mobile

Use jQuery Mobile to build hybrid and mobile web apps. Basics of JavaScript knowledge is optional but helpful for more complex apps.

Ionic AngularJS

Use Ionic to build hybrid and mobile web apps. Ionic apps generally perform and look better than jQuery Mobile hybrid apps. Requires knowledge of JavaScript and AngularJS.

Bootstrap AngularJS

Use Bootstrap to only build responsive web apps. Requires basic knowledge of JavaScript and AngularJS.

What is the difference between and PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)?

Read here.

Can I use device APIs such as GPS in my app?

Yes, Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) is available in every app and provides access to device APIs.

How do I connect to a database or mobile backend? backend services provide a database and a mobile backend. You can also use any other service that’s exposed via REST APIs.

I have this really cool API I want to use. Can I use it in

Yes, you can use any REST API. Keep in mind that is just the builder ​or the IDE so it doesn’t limit you what API you can use.

Can I use a service that requires OAuth?

Yes. The app that you build in can use a service that requires oAuth authentication.

Can I customize the app's look and feel?

Yes, as you always starting with HTML mobile app, there are a number of ways to customize the look and feel of an app:

  • provides UI themes out-of-the-box.
  • You can create any number of custom UI themes.
  • Customize any UI elements with CSS.

Can I connect to a MySQL or any other database?

Yes. With API Express you can connect to an external database and expose it via REST APIs.

Can I sell apps I created with


How do I publish my app to the App Store or Google Play?

Once you build and export your app, follow the steps from each app store for publishing the app.

Why can't I import my database?

Possible issues:

  • You have exceeded object size limit (256kB).
  • One of collections in a database has unique indexes by "CreatedAt" field.

OK, I still have questions.

Use our forum or email us.


Frequently asked questions.

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