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Using native APIs in your app.


Every app created in comes with Apache Cordova library installed. With Cordova you can :

  • Build a cross-platform hybrid mobile app. This app can be published to the App Store and Google Play.
  • Invoke and access native device APIs such as the camera.

The latest Cordova version the platform currently supports (via the latest Library versions):

  • Cordova for Android 6.3.0.
  • Cordova for iOS 4.5.1.

Installed Plugins

Cordova is designed using plugins. Each plugin provides JavaScript API to access specific native device API. When you create a new app, many Cordova plugins are installed automatically.

Go to Resources > Cordova plugins > Core Cordova plugins to see the list of the preconfigured plug-ins available from Cordova. Select the plugin to get more information about it.

You may decide not to enable some of them (or unselect them all by clicking the corresponding button) in your project in order to decrease the app size. Only enabled (checked) plug-ins will be included into the binary application and be used for any target device type in events, services, etc.: Project > App settings > Cordova plugins.

Core Cordova Plugins

The following plugins are available in every new app. Most plugin docs can be found on Apache Cordova site.

Core Cordova plugins.

Core Cordova plugins.

More Resources

A great resource to learn about Cordova:

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Using native APIs in your app.

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