FORK Component

Using the FORK component.

The FORK component allows creating two or more branches in the flow to be executed at the same time.

When you add a new FORK component into the service it has two branches. To add a new branch, click the green plus icon.

To remove a branch, select the branch (click on its name) and then click the red delete icon. Note that all sub-components in this branch will be removed as well.

To rename a branch, select the branch and then in the Properties view, set its new name.

The last node in the FORK component is a merge element. This element combines responses from all branches and creates a response in JSON format.

Let's check the following example:

  • There are three branches, renamed flavor1, flavor2, and flavor3.
  • Each branch has a SCRIPT component.

Fork component example.

For example, the first SCRIPT component has the following code:

result = "Vanilla";

When you run the component, it evaluates it:


The other two SCRIPT components have the same code with values of Chocolate and Strawberry.

When you select the merge element, you will see the following response:

    "flavor3": "Strawberry",
    "flavor2": "Chocolate",
    "flavor1": "Vanilla"

The FORK component can contain up to 10 branches.