Cordova solutions.

This page provides solutions to various Cordova-related bugs, problems, or workarounds.

Check if App is Running on Device

The following code helps determine if the app is running in a browser or on a device:

var isCordovaApp = function () {
   return (document.URL.indexOf('http://') === -1 && 
    document.URL.indexOf('https://') === -1);
// this function will return 
// 'true' - if it's running on the device
// 'false' - if it's running in the browser

resolveLocalFileSystemURL doesn't work

Solving native path of android (content://) if resolveLocalFileSystemURL doesn't work. Read more.

PDF generating plugin

Example with Generating PDF Files

You can watch the below video tutorial to learn how to generate PDF files in mobile and web applications using the jsPDF npm module and complimentary plug-ins like jsPDF AutoTable.
Follow these instructions to create well-structured PDFs that render correctly across a host of devices and screen resolutions: