App Hosting

Publishing your app as mobile web app.

The app that you build in can be published as a mobile web app. This means the app will be hosted on a server and can be accessed from any browser on a mobile device.

The platform has the following options:

  • Publish on domain.
  • Publish with using a custom domain.
  • Publish to a 3rd party hosting provider of your choice.

Publishing on

On the app details page go to the Hosting section. There you will see two options:

  • Publish using domain.
  • Publish using a custom domain.
    • Use only if you completely understand how DNS (Domain Name Service) works and how to configure it. Any changes you make to your DNS are at your own risk.

Once you select one of the options, simply click the Publish button to publish your app.


Mobile web app hosting.

Custom Domain Configuration

Change the root A record to the CNAME record of our hosting server:
Or, if adding a new sub-domain, map it so that it points to the same hosting server.
To verify settings, you can try to ping your domain. It should be responding to the ping queries from IP address


App Console Hosting

Please define the next settings to host the console app: hosting server:, IP address:



Note that DNS propagation could take up to 24 hours, but in most cases, it will be completed sooner.

To be able to use your custom SSL certificate for publishing a web app on a custom domain you would need to create a P12 bundle file secured with a password which will contain your certificate file from CA for your custom domain and a private key.

OpenSSL example list of shell commands:

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout <your-domain>.key -out <your-domain>.pem -days <days before key expiration> -nodes

openssl pkcs12 -export -out <your-domain>.p12 -inkey <your-domain>.key -in <your-domain>.pem -password pass:<password for p12 bungle>

After that, upload the final P12 file to Account -> Resources -> Import certificate and choose Hosting platform.


Now, you can use custom domain publishing with a custom SSL certificate for your web app.


Video Tutorial: Build and Publish HTML5 Mobile App with Local Storage in 5 Minutes

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